Award Regulations – Africa ArtBox Award

Terms and conditions :

The Africa Art Box Award belongs to TRIAS CULTURE, the cultural structure organizing the contest and which has been legally registered in Senegal since 2008.

These terms and conditions govern participation in the digital art Contest Africa Art Box, we advise the detailed reading of each term and condition explained below. Participation in this contest implies the total acceptance of each term and condition.


The theme of the competition is open ; however, we encourage participants to reflect on the current technological changes and its impact in our societies.


“How to live in the space of an online culture? “

The era we live in, and considered by some, ‘the information age’ has become increasingly surrounded by digital platforms that determine and shape our relations with the world.  Submerged with codes and images, these intangible links are shaped in clouds and oceans of data.

However, this digital space is dependent on the material realities which make this digital era possible, such as our devices, electronic waste, money, etc., Based on these material realities, how can we understand the importance of the digital space, the possibility of creating new meanings for the online culture? How does this intangible reality transform our tangible and intangible everyday life?

To promote the reflection and experimentation around current social dynamics and create more visibility of digital art in Africa, Africa Art Box is launching its first call for digital media projects  – digital art / electronic / medial – and also ones that propose a critical reflection on contemporary culture increasing dependence on technology and digital spaces.


  1. Contribute to the creation of an environment more conducive to the research and experimentation of new aesthetic languages from new medias.
  2. Congregate artists and digital creative professionals around an event that seeks continuity.
  3. Support artists in building a structured, evolving professional career, in a global dynamic of exchange and interdisciplinary collaborations at the  regional and international level.
  4. Enable the artists of the continent to have a favorable place in the international dynamics of contemporary art.
  5. Sensitize the public to these new artistic expressions, more hybrid and transversal.

General provisions:

  1. All African and non-African artists over the age of 18 years old and living in Africa are invited to participate. For non-African participants, it’s mandatory to have spent more than three years in their residence country in Africa.
  2. The call is open to projects with artistic motivation engaging innovative, experimental work, paying particular attention to their environment, and facilitating the transfer of knowledge and the creation of learning communities.
  3. The Creative projects may concern any artistic discipline, such as performing arts, music, visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography, etc…), video art, printed works, installations, Net-Art, etc. integrating a digital process into its creation, including photo manipulation, 3D rendering, virtual and augmented reality, drawings created on phones, tablets or computers, using software and/or digital devices (as well as sensors, among others). The use of open source software is encouraged.
  4. Only one project can be submitted per participant.
  5. Any advertising, educational or other material for non-artistic purposes is  prohibited.
  6. The proposal must be original, unpublished and must integrate digital media during its production process.
  7. The organizers do not assume any responsibility for the expenses incurred in entering the contest.

Registration and submission of proposals

Contest entries and submission of proposals will only be made via the online form available on the website Africa Artbox Digital.

Each proposal must be accompanied by:
  1. Motivation letter (PDF)
  2. An Artistic Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
  3. Brief descriptions of the 2 most representative works carried out during the last 2 years, joining for each of them the corresponding technical sheet  (including technology used, artistic concept, resulting exhibitions). (PDF max. 3 MB).
Details of the project:
  1. Conceptual presentation of the work
  2. Objectives.
  3. Expected results.
  4. Description of the creative process which includes: software and hardware used, digital processes, format and other technical descriptions
  5. Technical sheet on the final assembly of the work and an illustration detailing this assembly. PDF.
  6. Detailled budget (type of material/quantities/unit cost/total cost) in local currency and equivalent Euro total. PDF.
  7. Calendar.
  8. Work plan.
  9. Any additional image should be uploaded in a ZIP file at 1MB or less. Participants whose works have been pre-selected  will be invited to subsequently provide images (pictures or videos) in high definition.
  10. The candidate commits that his/her proposal and the works submitted do not carry any offense defaming, harassing or reaching/attacks to the dignity of others.
  11. The applicant must commit to ensure that his or her proposal and the works submitted respect the copyright and related rights of any other person or entity.
  12. Participants are solely responsible for any claims from third parties for non-compliance with these rights.

Selection panel and jury

  1. The selection panel and the jury are composed of art and technology specialists, including artists, curators, writers, art critics, developers, from Africa and other parts of the world.
  2. Their names will be announced on this website. The decision of the jury is final.

Evaluation of projects

First, the proposals will be examined by the selection panel, taking into account the following information :

  1. The aesthetic and artistic interest of the proposal ;
  2. The critical discourse around tools, technologies and the social environment of the artist ;
  3. The originality and/or innovative nature of the proposal ;
  4. The viability of the proposal (budget, format, transportability, conservation, etc.) ;
  5. Curriculum Vitae including the artistic background ;
  6. Motivation for participation in the competition.

The project selection will then be evaluated by the jury, who will determine the winning project and the works to be exhibited during the award ceremony.

The decision of the jury is final, private and not subject to public requests. The organizers will not respond to any correspondence concerning the jury’s decision.

Chronology of the selection process

(These dates may be subject to change)

  1. June 20th to September 30th, 2017: Open Call
  2. October 2017: Evaluation of the Projects and Jury Selection
  3. November 15th: Publication of Selected Projects and Works
  4. End of November: announcement of the winner and celebration of the award ceremony with inauguration of the exhibition of the selected works
  5. April and May, 2018: realization of the residence-laboratory

These dates may be changed at the discretion of the organizer.

The prize

  1. The winning artist will benefit from a creative residency for a period of 45 days in Plataforma Bogota; an international digital art center, offering the artist  the opportunity to complete his/her creative project.
  2. For the finalists, the works selected by the jury will be exhibited during the award ceremony held in Dakar (Senegal).
  3. The winning project in its final version realized at the creative residence, as well as the selected finalist works, will be integrated into the Africa Art Box Digital Art Collection and will be shown through a traveling exhibitions program. These non-profit exhibitions will be organized in cultural spaces in Africa and overseas to promote the digital art of the continent in the world.
  4. These works will also be shown in the online gallery which will be published on the website
  5. The transportation costs of the selected works to Dakar is provided by the organizers. Participants grant the organizers the right to keep the work in the collection.
  6. The organizers reserve the right to define the museography of the exhibitions in accordance with the projects and the spaces. However, the artist can establish in his/her technical sheet, by means of diagrams and photographs, the particular conditions for the assembly of the work.

Terms and conditions of the creative residence:

The residence includes:

  1. Flight tickets, health insurance, visa.
  2. Consulting (logistics, technical and artistic), Production and contact with various professionals in the cultural and artistic milieu of the creative center
  3. Work space
  4. Cost of production of the work and laboratories
  5. Local Fees  (housing, food and local transportation)
  6. Visibility to the local public of the residence center during the period of the stay
  7. Integration of the work in the Africa Art Box digital art collection and promotion through the itinerant exhibition program of the collection.

The residency will be held in April and May 2018. The awarded artist must be available for these dates in order  to carry out the scheduled activities as part of  the  residence and according to the program agreed and fixed with the organizers and the residence center.

The program for the various activities as well as the general provisions for the residence will appear in the legal contract signed by the artist, the organizers and the residence center.

The awarded artist and finalists will be notified by e-mail once the selection process is complete.

Submission Period for Applications

Projects may be submitted from June 20th to September 30th, 2017 at 11:59 PM (GMT).

Handling of Participant Data:

  1. The selected artists (award-winner and finalists) do not transfer copyright or other intellectual property rights to the organizers, however, they grant them the right to be broadcast worldwide.
  2. Information related to the participants as well as the works selected by the Jury will be used by the organizers in accordance with the present regulations and the legal notices set out on Participants must acknowledge that they are aware of this clause.
  3. The diffusion phase includes traveling exhibitions of the works, the website, public display, printing of catalogs or books, publication in magazines, press releases, documentary videos and other communication activities undertaken by the organizer to spread digital art from the continent by all means.
  4. Selected artists can not subtract their works from the exhibitions organized once they have registered and accepted these rules.
  5. The organizers reserve the right to remove all entries that do not comply with these rules or cause damage to the contest.
  6. If the competition can not be held due to a major reason  (technical reasons, natural disasters, attacks, etc), the organizers can not incur any liability and compensation to any of the participants.
  7. Organizers may change the venue and dates of this call.

This contest and its conditions are governed by Senegalese Laws; any dispute will be dealt with by the courts of Dakar, Senegal.

The application to this competition implies that each participant acknowledges and accepts the conditions set out in this invitation.

For any information concerning the contest,  you can contact us via our contact page.