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Edition 2017: find more information here .

edition 2017

A creation residence in Plataforma Bogota.

The AAb

The benefits of participating in a art network.

The Africa Art Box network

Africa Art Box is more than just an event; it is a network of multidisciplinary and international professionals. It aims to be a focal point to crystallize the contemporary dynamics already developed in Africa and also to serve as a window to create visibility in the work undertaken by artists in the continent that are already sensitive to these new languages of creation.

25 african countries, 149 artists, 21 projects, 5 finalists, 1 winner and 2 mentions

What is Africa ArtBox?

Contributing to the creation of an environment more convenient to research and experimentation of new esthetic languages originating from the new media in Africa and supporting artists of the continent in the construction of a structured, evolving career, in the global dynamics of exchange and interdisciplinary collaborations at the regional and international level, such is the challenge of Africa Artbox.

It is the challenge of every artist to decode their world and to witness time.


News and events

30 Sep: Announcement

The Africa ArtBox award team is pleased to announce that the contest deadline has been extended to October 15th. Bogota is waiting. Don’t miss the opportunity and may the force be with you! Apply here.

27 Sep: (Re)appropriation in video art

A brief critical analysis of appropriation and its digital resources. Appropriation has remained bound to art history through big names such as Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, or Duchamp, who exemplify the consistent use of this technique/movement within the art world….