Creative projects in all artistic disciplines, such as performing arts, music, visual arts (painting, sculpture, photo …), video art, pworks, installations, Net-Art, which integrate a digital process into their creation, including photo manipulation, 3D rendering, virtual and augmented reality, drawings created on phones, tablets or computers by using a digital software. The use of open source software is encouraged.

Important Reminder
  • Only one project can be submitted per participant
  • If you have any questions, please send a message to our contact page
  • Contest Rules. 

The selection process

Contest entries and submission of proposals will only be made via the online form available here.

Each proposal must be accompanied by:

  1. Motivation letter
  2. An Artistic Curriculum Vitae
  3. Portfolio whit a brief descriptions of the 2 most representative works carried out during the last 2 years, joining for each of them the corresponding technical sheet  (including technology used, artistic concept, resulting exhibitions) (PDF maxi. 3 MB)
  4. A written sworn statement on the original and unpublished nature of the proposal. Falsification of such data will be sanctioned by law and the proposal will automatically be eliminated. The candidate must guarantee that he / she is the sole owner of the work and of the submitted proposal.

Project details

  1. Conceptual presentation of work
  2. The objectives of the project
  3. Expected results
  4. Description of the creative process which includes: software and hardware used, digital processes, other technical descriptions.
  5. Technical sheet on the final assembly of the work and an illustration detailing this assembly (PDF)
  6. Detailed budget (Type of material / quantities / Retail price / Total price) in local currency and its equivalent in Euros. (PDF)
  7. Worktop (PDF)

Upload images must be in ZIP format at 1 Mo or less.

Participants whose works have been pre-selected  will be invited to subsequently provide images (pictures or videos) in high definition.

The candidate undertakes that his/her proposal and the works submitted do not carry any offense defaming, harassing, or reaching to the dignity of others.

The applicant must undertake to ensure that his or her proposal and the works submitted respect the copyright and related rights of any other person or entity.

Participants are solely responsible for any claims from third parties for non-compliance with these rights.

First,  the proposals will be examined by the selection panel, taking into account the following information :

  • The aesthetic and artistic interest of the proposal ;
  • The critical discourse around tools, technologies and the social environment of the artist ;
  • The originality and / or innovative character nature of the proposal ;
  • The viability of the proposal (budget, format, transportability, conservation, etc.) ;
  • Curriculum Vitae including the artistic background ;
  • Motivation for participation in the competition.

The project selection will then be evaluated by the jury, who will determine the winning project and the works to be exhibited during the award ceremony.

The decision of the jury is final, private and not subject to public requests. The organizers will not respond to any correspondence concerning the jury’s decision.

  • June 20 to September 30 2017: Open Call
  • October 2017: Evaluation of the Projects and Jury Selection
  • November 15: Publication of Selected Projects and Works
  • End of November: announcement of the winner and celebration of the award ceremony with inauguration of the exhibition of the selected works
  • April and May 2018: realization of the residence-laboratory

These dates may be changed at the discretion of the organizer.