About Trias Culture

Since its creation in 2008 in Senegal, TRIAS CULTURE has been promoting the use of digital technologies to serve artistic creation and the development of creative companies in Senegal and Africa.

For this purpose, TRIAS CULTURE has launched various initiatives: digital creation workshops in collaboration with some artists, technical workshops in partnership with some professionals from various areas (computer technicians, developers, etc.), conferences in Senegal and abroad, among others.

This initiative is designed as a continuity of the first project developed in Salvador (2000-2006) and in Central America by its founder, Maria Luisa Angulo, to promote the exploration of digital tools in the artistic and cultural area in latin America.

Subsequently, this experience has been enriched by collaborations with various digital artists and professionals from various countries (France, Canada, Belgium, Spain) who have participated in initiatives developed by TRIAS CULTURE.

TRIAS CULTURE has also grew through these meetings and exchanges within various professional events around digital creation, such as «Crea Numerica», in October 2009, «MIAM» (Marche International d’Art Numerique) in Brussells, in November 2009, «Crea Numerica», in Montreal in 2009 and Casablanca in 2010.

Trias Culture proposes :

  • A number of conferences in Senegal and abroad on creative economy and digital creation
  • Professional training on ICT applied  to creative company management in the cultural area
  • Workshops and residences focusing on digital creation
  • Digital creation technical workshops with professionals (computer technicians, developers)
  • Initiation workshops on artistic creation and digital art designed for the general public: women, young people and children in disadvantaged neighborhoods
  • Professional technical support to cultural companies and initiatives (strategic planning, fund raising, project design, events organization, etc.)
  • Promoting digital creation
  • Training cultural actors on applying ICT to the development of creative companies
  • Sensitisation of the general public to digital creation and the use of ICTs.



This is a training program on cultural entrepreneurship. It is made of thematic modules which explore the basis such as: use of electronic  messaging, research drives, social media, visiting more advanced contents such as web multimedia applications (video, images, sound), realization professional web projects, including contents management, copywriting, mobility, among other things.
Modules contents involve an intersectoral approach of the open source community, free softwares and their logic operation. They are tailored in accordance with participants’ profiles, in accordance with their experience and level of ICTs appropriation.
On the basis of a practical work focusing on the needs of the participants,  at the end of the process and before getting their attestation of participation, their are asked to produce tools ad contests directly linked to their projects or companies.
This imbrication between practical training and concrete results insures that the appropriation of techniques and theory know-how are mastered during the process.

d-CLIC Danse

d-CLIC Danse is a program focusing on research and application digital media to the living arts.
This work favors hybridation and intersectorality between arts and technologies, to promote new and more innovative and creative professional practices. It is designed to facilitate transfer of intersectoral and transnational know-how: universities, artists, ICT professionals, the State, the private sector and homologues from abroad.
The «d-CLIC Danse» program therefore proposes a number of workshops: mixed (living arts and technologies), pluricultural (North and South artists meetings) and double (creation workshops based on collaboration, and technical workshops based on transmission), all of this with one golden rule : permanent adaptation and adjustment capacity of the work pattern to the ecosystem in which it is reproduced.

General public workshops

This workshop program aims at building bridges to make the art accessible to populations, using a more inclusive approach which goes beyond the art work as an object of pleasure or consumption. Art and its creation tools are proposed as a means of citizenship expression. It seeks at sensitizing the general public, women, children and young people from the disadvantaged neighborhoods in particular in order to facilitate a greater  interaction between artists and those populations, as well as their integration in the global dynamic of digital creation all over the wold.


Organized around a staff of pluri-disciplinary professionals, TRIAS CULTURE proposes a professional support service to artists, cultural entrepreneurs and institutions in order to undertake sectoral project studies, follow up and evaluation, strategic planning, communication and delegated production.