About Africa Artbox


It celebrates artists living in Africa and reflects on the dynamics of digital media in their environment and around the world.

It is intended to be an accelerator for artists already professionally involved in the field of digital creation.

Through this competition and associated actions – training and creative workshops, meetings, exchanges in the continent and internationally with artists and various professionals – our objective is to contribute to the creation of a more encouraging ecosystem and to support this new generation of digital professionals in Africa.


Africa Art Box is the continuation of an approach initiated by TRIAS CULTURE in Senegal to promote digital creation and the integration of new media in the professional career of cultural actors in Senegal and around Africa since 2008.
More than 300 artists and cultural entrepreneurs have participated in the various training and digital experimentation programs developed in Senegal, as well as in different countries in the region (Niger, Benin, Togo, Ivory Coast …).

These various initiatives have enabled artists to experiment with media and various technologies: light sensors, bending, rangefinder, ultrasound, etc., as well as real-time capture of data, video camera in different formats (HD, video surveillance, mobile phone), and the use of software dedicated to digital creation, such as Pure data, Arduino, Processing, among others.

This work has been presented at various international meetings such as the International Digital Art Market in Brussels (Belgium), Montreal (Canada) and Casablanca (Morocco), at which TRIAS CULTURE was invited.

This work of research and experimentation has made it possible to prepare a fertile ground, allowing the artists to open a window towards digital creation, and to create interactive spaces with technicians and other professionals around a collaborative process.


In keeping with its commitments, TRIAS CULTURE is launching the Africa Artbox Prize, highlighting the work of digital art pioneers in Africa and fostering new spaces for innovation, collaboration and creativity.

It aims to be a focal point for crystallizing the contemporary dynamics already started in many countries and also a window to better display the work, almost solitary, engaged by artists already sensitive to these new languages of creation.
Africa Art Box is meant to support to second artists in the construction of an artistic professional career more in consonance with their time.


The era we live in, and that some authors consider the ‘information age’, is increasingly surrounded by digital platforms that determine our relations with the world. Submerged with codes and images, these intangible links are shaped in clouds and oceans of data.

However, this digital space is dependent on the material realities which make it possible, such as our devices, electronic waste, money, etc., Based on that, how can we understand the importance of the digital space, the possibility of creating new meanings for the online culture? How does this intangible reality transform our tangible and intangible everyday life?

To promote reflection and experimentation around current social dynamics and make visible the production of digital art in Africa, through this competition TRIAS CULTURE invites artists from the continent to reflect on contemporary culture with an increasing dependence on technology and digital spaces.