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The benefits of participating in a art network.

The Africa Art Box network

Africa Art Box is more than just an event; it is a network of multidisciplinary and international professionals. It aims to be a focal point to crystallize the contemporary dynamics already developed in Africa and also to serve as a window to create visibility in the work undertaken by artists in the continent that are already sensitive to these new languages of creation.


The Africa Artbox Award is a contest for digital artists, African or not African, over 18 years of age residing in Africa.
Non-African artists can participate if they have lived in an African country for the last three years.

What is the Africa ARTBOX Award?

Seize the opportunity and participate!

This African Award is a support system for digital creation: it offers the winnin artists the opportunity to conceptualize their creative projects in an international, collaborative space surrounded by an experienced and multidisciplinary team.

Designed as a workshop-laboratory, the creative residency is twinned with a series of events around the artist and his/her project: workshops with international artists, meetings, conferences – allowing him/her to widen his/her horizon, to explore new forms of work and to expand his/her network internationally.

At the end of this residency, a first presentation of the work will be organized for the local audience at the creative center. Subsequently, this first work as well as the finalist works selected by the Jury under file, will also be included in the annual program of exhibitions of Africa Art Box developed in Africa and elsewhere.

It is the challenge of every artist to decode their world and to witness time.


News and events

10 Jul: The challenge of Africa ArtBox

Today, new working tools are emerging, offering various experimentation tracks and new ways to link various activity domains, with field trials unknown to us up to now. With this reality, each society must reconstruct itself in this new environment and…